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Dry Needling

What are the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling is great for anyone who is looking to relieve muscular tension, calm the nervous system, improve athletic recovery and performance or heal from injury. Men, women, athletes -- really anyone can benefit from dry-needling!

Decrease tissue tension
Decrease inflammation 
Improve circulation 
Heal from an injury 
Improve athletic recovery
Improve athletic performance 
Desensitize the nervous system... aka reduce stress!

Sessions are quick and effective lasting only 30 minutes.

"NDN is utilized to treat all types of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. These conditions are not limited to orthopedics but are applicable to any condition where inflammation, reduced blood flow and muscle guarding is present. The NDN treatment system is based on peripheral and central neurologic principles, which is not limited by the traditional trigger point paradigm.

Dry needling therapy has both local and systemic effects:

Local effects are for soft tissue dysfunction such as releasing “knots” or “trigger points” in muscles. It also helps reduce localized inflammation, improves sensitized nerve tissue, reduces scar tissue and increases circulation and lymph flow.

Systemically, it restores homeostasis, which is just our body’s stable and normal state. It does this by reducing both physical the physiological stress."
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