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Meet our founder, Jessica!

Hi y’all! My name is Jessica Bowman. I am a Texas mama and Physical Therapist who has lived in or around Fort Worth my whole life. I love this city and the people in it. My family can often be found at TCU football games (Go Frogs!), eating at a great local restaurant or taking the kids to Trinity Park. Speaking of kids, we have three. My oldest daughter is 9 and is my pure of heart child. She loves any person or animal who crosses her path and cares deeply for others. She is honest, a rule follower and always wants to do the right thing. My 3 year old daughter is NOT her older sister. She is a firecracker. She is ornery and rough around the edges, but she is also driven, determined and stands up for her family. And then the baby, our boy, he’s a wild card. You never know what you’re going to get with him. He is comical and always putting on a show. He has no reservations and takes life head on with no regard to where he is going to land most of the time. My sweet husband is my greatest supporter and helps to tone down my Type A anxiety in the circus that is our household most days. We started dating at 16 and while I hate the term “high school sweethearts,” I think that’s just what we are.

I am a TCU graduate with a BS in kinesiology. I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field, my parents both do physical therapy so I naturally thought I would stay away from the field itself, try something new, you know blaze my own path. Turns out all of my gifts and interests pointed me right back to physical therapy, funny how that works. We had my oldest daughter before I went to graduate school and I honestly thought I would take some time off to decide what path I wanted to pursue career wise. But I kept feeling that pull, looking back now I know that was God pushing me toward the path that would eventually become the career I love. I decided to apply, just to one school, with the thought that if I don’t get in this year, there’s always next year. You see I am type A, but also a procrastinator, interesting combination for sure. I applied to UNT Health Science Center right here in Fort Worth and got in…. Woah. I graduated in May of 2015 with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I look back fully certain that making it through three years of Physical Therapy school with a newborn/young child was an act of God. He continues to push me down the path he has chosen for me. Not always the path I would have chosen for myself and almost never the path of least resistance. I have worked in many different areas of therapy. I worked for several years as a school therapist, in outpatient, home health and at Cook children’s with a focus on pediatric physical therapy.

Over the years as a physical therapist, I noticed a growing need. A need for women to have access to quality physical therapy without being required to go into a high volume outpatient clinic. A need for women that have experienced pelvic pain for years to finally be heard and to know hope. A need for women that are pregnant to gain education and a community to ease their anxieties and prepare them for the best birth possible. A need for postpartum women to be able to experience the joy of motherhood without the pain and difficulties that can come from labor. I am here to help stand in the gap. Welcome to Fort Worth Pelvic Health, I can’t wait to hear you story.

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