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What the heck is pelvic floor therapy?

Upon telling my family and friends I wanted to specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy, the most common question I heard was:

“So you’re going to do physical therapy on the vagina?”

Yes, and more! Just like any other therapist, I treat muscles, bones, ligaments, nerves and everything in-between.

Pelvic Floor PTs treat conditions such as urinary incontinence, SI joint pain, pelvic pain, painful sex, tailbone pain, sciatica, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, endometriosis/menstrual pain, prep for labor/delivery, low back/hip pain, Diastasis Recti, recovery from labor/delivery, return to exercise, and more.

Your pelvic floor and core muscles act as the foundation for the rest of the body. If these parts are not functioning at an optimum level, the rest of the body suffers. Pelvic health physical therapy utilizes a conservative treatment model by addressing strength, diet, mobility, breathing patterns, stress management, daily habits and balance as they apply to the conditions and symptoms listed above in order to improve quality of life and reach patient's long term goals. Let us help you feel your very best in an environment created with you in mind!

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