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Holistic Massage

Coming Soon!

Whether you’re a new mom, avid athlete, or weekend warrior- we have a massage for you.


Massage during and after pregnancy is a safe and special way to nurture both mother and baby. In addition to the general benefits of bodywork, prenatal massage enhances connection with baby, prepares mind and body for smoother labor and delivery and balances the changes your body experiences. In the postpartum period, massage can speed recovery time, improve posture, reduce your risk of postpartum depression and benefit breastfeeding efforts. After baby is born, infant massage is an invaluable tool we empower you to learn to support baby’s development, immune health and social skills.

Deep tissue massage uses elbow and forearm pressure to improve circulation and directly reduce muscle tension. Trigger point therapy is within this realm- targeting specific muscle points that may be localizing pain or referring it to another area of the body.


Sport massage sessions are focused on injury prevention, scar tissue adhesions, warmup/cooldown, and preventing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Please reach out to Cristina below if you have any personal questions or concerns regarding these services.

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