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What is a Virtual Wellness Session?

A virtual wellness session is not a replacement for hands on therapy by a trained pelvic floor therapist. Some patients will still need to come in at a later date to receive in person care and manual therapy techniques if your concerns don't resolve. A virtual wellness session allows us to get a jumpstart on your care. We gather your information, listen to your history and your symptoms, ask you other questions and figure out what your treatment goals are. We can analyze your movement patterns, teach you exercises, educate you on anatomy/musculature of the pelvic floor and the treatment strategies we will use. Each session we will provide you with exercises and activities to begin at home. After we discuss our short term game plan, we will decide where to go from here: additional virtual sessions to progress your healing, in person pelvic therapy sessions when possible while continuing your home program or seeing other healthcare providers if needed. 

What topics can we address?

- painful sex

- pelvic pain

- pubic bone pain, SI joint pain, low back/hip pain

- urinary leakage/urgency/frequency

- constipation

- diastasis recti abdominis (DRA)

- pelvic organ prolapse/pelvic heaviness

- pelvic floor/core strengthening 

- prenatal and postpartum exercise programs and progressions

- preparation for labor and birth

- postpartum recovery

- cesarean and perineal scars and adhesions/pain/numbness

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